Sharing content

We provide a number of URLs so you can share your content.

Sharing audios and playlists

You can copy/view the URLs to share your content right from the dashboard.

1. Find the Share option

Open share modal

2. Copy the URLs

These URLs will never change even if you update the file of your audios.

Share modal

Here's an example of what the share page:

Be aware that when using the MP3 URL we will not able to track how many people have listened to it. If you need us to develop a custom audio player for you, do not hesitate to contact us.

Sharing on forums

Some forums platforms such as Xen Foro are already doing automatic embed when detecting an Wavekit URL. Here's an example.

We're working with more forum platforms to enable automatic embeds in the future.

Sharing on Twitter

When posting Wavekit URLs on Twitter you will see a media card and an interactive inline player. Unfortunately, Twitter media cards only work in its web platform and not its mobile apps.