Public audio URLs

Wavekit's internal audio URLs are private and can only be streamed from our players. This prevents casual users from downloading your content using browser extensions or "right clicking".

If you'd like to use the MP3 or FLAC in your own player or share it with others, you first need to make it public. It should be noted that streams or downloads from this public URL will not be monitored and not count towards your Wavekit metrics.

Activating a public URL

You can enable or disable a public URL from the MP3 Settings dialog in the dashboard.

1. Open the MP3 Settings dialog for an audio file

You can open the MP3 Settings dialog from the list of audio files:

Open mp3 settings dialog

2. Enable or disable the public URL

In the MP3 Settings dialog, you can enable or disable the public URL for an audio file.

Mp3 settings dialog

Public URLs are available immediately after activation. When disabling a public URL, it might take some minutes for the change to propagate across our network.