Our player collects how many times an audio has been played along with some metadata. This information is available for you in the dashboard.

Wavekit metrics

When a user has listened to 10% of an audio we consider it has been played and we store the following metadata:

  • The date and time when the play happened
  • The id of the audio that generated the play
  • The id of the playlist if the play originated from a playlist
  • The country where the play originated
  • The HTTP referer where the player was embedded if you enabled the referrerpolicy in the <iframe>

We do not collect any other regional information (city, state, etc) or IP addresses.

Opting out of metrics collection#

You can opt out of metrics collection when embedding our player with the ignoreMetrics=true parameters. See the customization reference for more information.


At Wavekit we take privacy very seriously. Our player doesn't use any cookies and doesn't store any personal information. We do not track the people that visit your website or who play your content through our player.

See the privacy and GDPR section for more information.