Embedding audios and playlists

There are two ways to embed your audio content in a website:

  • The embed generator available in the dashboard
  • Writing HTML code

Embed generator#

You can easily embed your audio content without writing code. The embed generator allows you to customize the player and will generate some HTML code you can simply copy and paste.

1. Open the embed generator#

You can find the embed generator in our dashboard by clicking on the Embed option from audios and playlists.

Open embed generator

2. Configure the player#

In the embed generator you will be able to configure this particular player. You can choose a variety of player types, colors, etc.

Embed generator

3. Copy and paste the HTML code#

Once you're happy how your player looks, just press the copy button and paste the HTML into your website's code. This HTML is compatible with any website.

Embed generator HTMl copy

Embed with HTML code#

If you know HTML, you can also embed and configure our player by just using code. Check our player customization guide for all the options you can use.

The URLs for embedding will never change, even if you update the file for an audio.

Embedding an audio#

Embedding a playlist#

Finding the audio or playlist id#

To find the id of the content you want to embed, first click on the Share option of either an audio or a playlist:

Open share modal

Then simply copy the id:

Share modal